Uncovering this is of “gay terminology otter

Uncovering this is of “gay terminology otter

When it comes down to dating, everyone has their preferences. some people are into conventional dating, while others prefer the more unconventional techniques. regardless of what form of dating someone is into, there is certainly one sort of dating that is constantly popular – dating through the internet. probably one of the most popular internet dating sites on the web is gaytermology.com. this website was created specifically for gay singles and provides many information and resources for people seeking to find love. very popular top features of gaytermology.com is the “gay terminology otter.” this otter is a great resource for all seeking to find out more about different terms used when discussing homosexuality. the “gay terminology otter” is split into three sections – general terms, sexual terms, and nicknames. in each area, there are a summary of terms and definitions, as well as a summary of relevant terms. basic terms

bromance – a detailed and supportive relationship between two guys

butch – a lesbian whom identifies as masculine, typically wearing masculine clothing and behaving in a masculine way

cock – a man’s penis

drag – to execute in a manner that is deliberately exaggerated or theatrical

gay – an individual who is attracted to folks of exactly the same sex

gaydar – the capacity to sense or identify somebody’s sexual orientation

gaylord – a derogatory term regularly explain a gay man

genderqueer – a gender identity that doesn’t comply with the standard male or female sex roles

lesbian – a woman who’s attracted to other ladies

lgb – lesbian, gay, bisexual

msm – men who have sex with guys

straight – an individual who is not drawn to individuals of the exact same sex

sexual terms

bathroom break – a time to go out of the room and have now privacy for sexual intercourse

cock-sucking – a sexual activity which a guy sucks the penis of another guy

cum – semen

fag – a derogatory term always describe a gay man

fag hag – a derogatory term always explain a female who’s intimately promiscuous with gay guys

fag – a smoke

faggot – a derogatory term accustomed describe a gay man

fellatio – oral sex performed on a guy

fisting – insertion of the hand in to the vagina or anal area

foreskin – the external skin regarding the penis that is eliminated before circumcision

gangbang – a sex by which several guys participate simultaneously

girlfriend – a term accustomed describe a sexual partner who’s maybe not a casual or casual relationship partner

spend time – to invest time with someone without the certain plans

homosexual – an individual who is intimately attracted to individuals of equivalent gender

incest – intercourse between household members

laser treatment – remedy that uses a laser to get rid of hair from particular areas of the body

lesbian kiss – a kiss in the lips between two women

man-on-man – sex between two men

milf – mom let me fuck

piss – urine

pornography – images or videos that are intended to arouse or excite

queer – an umbrella term that features people who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, or any other non-heterosexual orientation

swingers – people who take part in sexual intercourse with others into the hope of developing an even more permanent relationship

threesome – a sexual activity by which three individuals participate


bear – a guy that is actually and emotionally strong

friend – a man who is close to someone

butch – a lesbian whom identifies as masculine, typically using masculine clothing and behaving in a masculine way

cocky – arrogant or self-assured

daddy – a man who is in charge of providing economic and psychological support to a woman

dirty – intimately promiscuous

dude – a person who is perhaps not particularly formal or courteous

fag – a cigarette

fluffer – someone who provides support and convenience to somebody during an arduous or embarrassing situation

gaylord – a derogatory term accustomed explain a gay man

gf – a term accustomed describe a sexual partner who is maybe not a casual or casual dating partner

girlfriend experience – a sexual intercourse where a lady isn’t the penetrative partner, but participates in task for the true purpose of experiencing one thing brand new

goth – a mode of clothes and makeup that is typically associated with the dark part regarding the moon

man – a man

man buddy – a male buddy

horny – sexually aroused

inside mood – ready for sexual intercourse

jock – a person that is actually strong

lover – a term accustomed describe somebody who is in a committed, romantic relationship with someone

man-on-man – intercourse between two men

milf – mom I would ike to bang

perv – someone

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